Frequently asked questions


We are really shy of being filmed, and we have never been on a single photo shoot. Can you work with us?

Hey, believe it or not, most of my couples have never been on a single photo shoot before, and that’s normal, not everyone in their regular lives is modeling or being an Instagram influencer. 🙂 You’ll always view your own film in a much different way to how you see others, this time it will not only be about beautiful people in beautiful locations, this time it will be your story, unique and personal to you and your other half and it will bring much joy to you for many years to come. It will be beautiful, I can promise you that, but if it helps, don’t think about the wedding film as a present to yourself. Think of it as a gift for your future generations to enjoy.

When will we receive our wedding films?

I’ll always try to get your film to you within two months, however depending on the time of year this can differ. If I have a clear schedule I’ll often deliver the wedding film much, much faster.

Can we choose the music for our Wedding Film?

I would always prefer that you leave this choice to me based on the feeling I get during the edit. It’s a pretty time consuming process and one that needs to be perfect in order to compliment the look and feel of the final film. But, I’ll always welcome your suggestions if you have any and I do in fact always ask my couples if they have their special songs that has some deeper meaning to their story. Maybe it’s the song that was playing when you first met each other or if it’s the song of your wedding dance – I usually won’t mind using it. 🙂

Do you work alone?

Yes, most of the time I prefer to work on my own. This is purely based on my ethos of simplicity and discretion. It’s a wedding day not a film set after all. That being said, if you feel that you would benefit from a second camera person or assistant then I can certainly arrange this for you.

Do you offer Photography?

Yes, you can hire me as a photographer, I also offer a joint wedding film and photography package that includes a team of photographer and a filmmaker. I don’t offer both services in one person, because I don’t believe that anyone who does that can guarantee the best quality they can deliver for their end product.

Are there travel costs?

Not usually in Latvia depending on how far I’m traveling, however we’ll always discuss this if it’s relevant. For destination weddings, I’ll simply add an additional fee for travel time and I’ll need a room for the duration, preferably close to the action. I also ask that flights and transfer costs are covered both ways.

How many weddings do you film each year?

It depends on a year, sometimes counting both photography and videography I can cover 12 weddings, sometimes a little less. This way I can give the proper care and attention needed to every step of the project – editing, the build up and preparations, and of course the day itself.

Do we need to meet beforehand?

For destination weddings – not at all. I always find that a video call or even a good old fashioned telephone call is enough for you to check out my personality and put a face to the name. If you can make it to my country then please do call in for a coffee, I’ll always gladly meet you in person if possible, however if not, there’s no problem in the slightest.
To gain a proper understanding of the wedding and to create the best wedding film I can, I’ll send you a number of questionnaires to complete before hand. These allow me to understand the precise timings and details of the wedding. We’ll always follow this up with a final chat in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Do you need to visit the venue beforehand?

No, as my work is people and story focused, the venue, as beautiful as I know it will be, simply provides me with a back drop to my film.

How do we book?

To completely secure your date, I need two things from you. Firstly completion of a very simple agreement then secondly a deposit payment paid by transfer into my business account or in cash if we meet for a coffee. I’ll invoice you for the balance payment one month before the wedding. If wedding takes place in Latvia you can also pay the balance on the day in cash if it feels more convenient for you.

What cameras do you use?

I’m currently filming my wedding films using Sony Alpha camera system along with a DJI Mavic drone. With that one out of the way, I’d only like to add that all professional camera manufacturers in this day and time are making great cameras and I can’t think of one, that I could honestly call bad. At the end of the day, as important as cameras may seem, those are only tools in my hands. As a funny reference, I can only hope that people don’t actually ask what brand hammers do their builders use for hitting nails. 🙂

If you have some more questions, you’d like me to answer, let me know.